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Are you concerned about your child’s thumbsucking habit and how it may affect their oral health? Most children have a period of thumbsucking at some point, and it only becomes a hazard after a certain point. We are pleased to help you discourage your child from thumbsucking if it has reached a point where it is hazardous to their smile.

Many children in their first few years use thumbsucking as a means of comfort and usually quit the habit before it starts to impede their oral development or change their palate. As children grow, they adopt more socially acceptable behavior. However, some children cling to sucking their thumb, and you may need to try some of these tactics to help them quit:

– Praise your child when they choose not to suck their thumb.
– Show them their progress with a reward chart.
– Use a glove or bandage as a constant reminder for them to not suck their thumb.
– Be gentle in your reinforcement, as some children suck their thumbs more often when stressed.
– Speak with Dr. Danton Bradshaw about additional practices to stop your child from thumbsucking.

Children between the ages of five and six that have a thumbsucking habit can push their front teeth out and stop permanent teeth from erupting in the right positions, changing their tooth alignment. Our pediatric dentist can also provide corrective dental care to stop thumbsucking from impeding oral development.

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