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Your smile is often at its peak levels during your teen years. When you are 18, the last of your permanent teeth will begin to grow in and need to be cared for. Furthermore, several peer pressure risks can begin to arise that can put your teeth, gums and physical health in harm’s way. Make the right decisions and keep your smile strong throughout your teen years.

To dramatically improve the condition of your smile, you’re going to want to make sure that you are aware of any risks that can arise as a teen. Some of them are due to sports, particularly contact sports. If you are routinely putting your smile at risk by not wearing the appropriate safety equipment, you can end up suffering from severe oral accidents that leave you with a debilitated smile that does not function effectively.

Another common risk factor for a teen’s smile is due to unhealthy habits associated with peer pressure risks. Make sure that you are not letting others around you influence you and your oral health care in a negative light. If you are being pressured into using drugs, smoking or chewing tobacco, it is important to do what you can to avoid these risks and instead, choose healthy habits that strengthen your smile rather than damage it. Try using mouthwash or chewing sugarless gum after meals rather than smoking or chewing tobacco as they can lead to stained teeth, bad breath, infection and eventual tooth loss.

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