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If you’re about to restore the health of your tooth and enhance the appearance of your smile with a dental crown, then you are most likely wondering about the steps involved in the treatment. Well, our dentist, Dr. Danton Bradshaw, is happy to help you because knowing what to expect in the dental chair can help soothe dental anxiety. The steps you can expect in treatment include:

Step No. 1: Your dentist will numb your mouth so you are comfortable during the appointment. Then, he will trim the tooth enamel to make room for the dental crown.

Step No. 2: Once your tooth is the right size and shape, it is now called an abutment. Your dentist will take measurements of the abutment (usually done by taking impressions) and will send that information to dental lab technicians who will craft your new replacement tooth. While you wait, your dentist will cover your abutment with a temporary crown so you can still use it.

Step No. 3: When your crown is ready, you will come back into our office and your dentist will cement it into place.

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