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Have you been wondering why fluoride seems to be in everything you consume? This isn’t a bad thing! Fluoride is very beneficial for your oral health and can be found in a lot of the foods and beverages you consume every day. Here at Snowy River Dental in Bellevue, Idaho, we understand the important benefits of fluoride protecting your smile against decay.

It’s important to get enough fluoride to strengthen tooth enamel, because you, along with everyone else, is susceptible to cavities and tooth decay if not taken care of properly. Fluoride helps phosphorous and calcium components strengthen tooth enamel. These components are part of the remineralization process in saliva to protect against decay.

Many of the beverages and foods you consume contain a very small portion of fluoride. Combined with saliva, this fluoride works to deter plaque buildup and fight against cavities. Many water systems add fluoride to help communities everywhere to get enough fluoride intake. This was added into water sources over 70 years ago and continues today to fight against decay and cavities.

When seeking for the right toothpaste and mouth rinse, look for the ADA (American Dental Association) Seal of Acceptance when purchasing these items. This will ensure you are getting a safe amount of fluoride. For more information on fluoride and dental care, give Snowy River Dental a call 208-788-2006 at our office in Bellevue, Idaho. Our team is happy to help you and your smile today!