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Protecting your body or taking measures to reduce your risk of injury is an important element of any athlete’s life. This is especially true for contact sports athletes, as they are at increased risk of suffering a blow to the mouth.

To answer this very obvious concern many athletic authorities, schools, and events require the regular use of a protective mouth guard.

There are several different versions sold in sporting goods stores Unfortunately, many of these stock mouth guards and thermoplastic dental appliances tend to feel uncomfortable or bulky in the mouth. Some might also impede ease of breathing.

Should you feel this way, you might want to consider scheduling a consultation appointment at Dr. Danton Bradshaw’s orthodontic clinic. In many of these cases he can help provide you with a custom mouth guard.

The final product will be crafted in a dental lab from a special type of soft, yet durable plastic. It will be designed to conform to the shape of your teeth and mouth. It will also be designed for maximum ventilation and ease of breathing.

If you live in the Bellevue, Idaho, area and you are interested in exploring your mouth guard options, you should call 208-788-2006 to schedule a consultation with the orthodontic specialists at Snowy River Dental.