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Having a tooth that’s severely decayed can make chewing painful. In addition, it can cause large amounts of damage to your healthy enamel. When this happens, it can be difficult for your dentist Dr. Danton Bradshaw to anchor a filling. In addition, the root may also be infected, which may mean you will need to have a root canal treatment.

To find out if a root canal is needed, a series of x-rays will be taken of your tooth to assess the health of the root. If it’s discovered that the infection has spread into the root, then a root canal is necessary.

During the root canal treatment, Dr. Danton Bradshaw will remove the damaged enamel with a drill in order to create a space to extract the infected part of the roots. After this extraction, the roots are replaced with a rubber plug. This allows Dr. Danton Bradshaw to form an abutment to place a dental crown.

An impression of your tooth is then taken and sent off to a dental lab to create your crown. During a brief second visit to your dentist, your temporary crown is removed, and the permanent crown is cemented into place. The crown is used to replace your enamel and restore full use of your teeth.

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